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Compassionate Care Management

We have added an essential and needed service at Judi Woods Agency, Compassionate Care Management. 

After much consideration dealing with my own personal family, long time clients and the need to find proper and honest One - on- One Geriatric Care Management, we will offer this service to you and others needing my professional help.

When you and loved ones have challenges trying to remain independent and safe due to changing health conditions, there are workable solutions available.

Many people have experienced a situation like this, or you know someone who has had to personally deal or with a family member or friend who is in need of assistance with daily living tasks and more. It may be a person who is at a facility or at home recuperating from a surgery or change in their health and the ability to care for themselves.

It may be because of a person’s age or declining health issues that they can no longer safely care for themselves, like preparing meals, house cleaning, bathing, washing their hair, grocery shopping or going to their doctor or dentist appointments or even getting a prescription filled. It could even be something like just having companionship or going out to lunch or to a social event. Being able to be SAFE and to support dignity and some sort of pride is so very important in a person’s all over wellbeing. Then there are the very clear issues like Alzheimer s, Dementia or Parkinson’s to name a few.

Many of us have family and loved ones living in another state that need care with daily living needs. And we are not able to visit them as often as we like or even at all. It’s amazing the amount of people who have no one to watch over them, but it is possible for all of us to have Peace of Mind when it comes to those situations, if we know where to look for help.

One thing I have seen personally that Care Giving and the Care Givers themselves, comes with enormous responsibilities. Both the Care Giving and the Care Givers need direction and assistance.

That is what I am prepared to do, be a personal Care Manager who will assess the loved one’s current situation and needs, make recommendations and hire the appropriate, care givers. All care givers will have a current background check and sign a contract with me and the family if necessary, outlining their responsibilities, duties, pay scale and intention to deliver whatever service we believe necessary.

As I learned when I started in business over 40 years ago. "It's not that people plan to fail-it's that they fail to plan". Be assured, I will do this new Care Management service with the same integrity and immediate attention that you are used to at Judi Woods Agency.

Please reach out and contact me for more information on how I can help you and your loved ones have Peace Of Mind and Compassionate Care Management. . Please feel free to pass this information on to friends and family. I love referrals and they love me.

Judi Woods


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